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Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals

A collection of manuals, pamphlets, information leaflets and other materials regarding the Tandy TRS-80.

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Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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Radio Shack service manual for the TRS-80 model 4P and 4P Gate Array computers. Radio Shack catalog number 26-1080.
Topics: TRS-80, Radio Shack, Computers
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by Software Arts
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Reference Manual for Software Arts' TK! Solver for the TRS-80 Model 4.
Topics: Software Arts, TK! Solver, TRS-80
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by LNW Research Corporation
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Manuals, board images and schematics included in the DIY kit of the LNW80 computer and System Expansion board for the TRS-80 computer by LNW Research Corp. ca. 1978-1982
Topics: TRS-80, TRS 80, TRS80, LNW-80, LNW80, LNW 80, LNW, LNW Research Corp, LNW-80, Tandy, LNW, computer,...
TRS-80 Manual: TRSDOS v2.1 and Disk Basic v1.1 Manual (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: disk, trsdos, file, data, buffer, diskette, program, basic, record, command, physical record, basic...
TRS-80 Manual: MTC Que Card v1.0 for NEWDOS-80 (1980)(Meta Technologies Corporation)
Topics: file, disk, dos, display, commands, copy, command, destination, renum, files, igel item, file...
TRS-80 Manual: Fortran-80 v3.3 (1978)(Microsoft)
Topics: statement, program, data, integer, statements, reference, array, format, file, manual, common...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by Radio Shack
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Manual for the TRS-80 PC-1 Pocket Computer Catalog Number 26-3501
Topics: Radio Shack, TRS-80, PC-1, manuals
TRS-80 Manual: CBASIC Language Reference (1982)(Digital Research)
Topics: cbasic, statement, file, string, program, function, reference, manual, data, language, dim...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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Color Computer 3 NTSC/PAL Version with 512K Expansion RAM Card Catalog Number: 26-3334 Includes System Description, Memory Map, Registers, Specifications, Disassembly/Assembly, Block Diagram, Theory of Operation, Troubleshooting, PCB Views, Electrical Parts Lists, Exploded Views, Semiconductor Information, Schematic Diagrams.
Topics: TRS-80 Color Computer, Computer History, technical manuals, schematics
TRS-80 Manual: Network Pascal Student Manual (1984)(Alcor Systems)
Topics: program, pascal, file, procedure, variables, statement, variable, type, function, compiler, data...
TRS-80 Manual: System Programmer's Guide for Montezuma Micro CPM v2.2 (1986)(Montezuma Micro)
Topics: defb, defw, bios, disk, drive, ret, equ, montezuma, byte, offset, bios version, select bits, defb...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 102 Applications and BASIC Reference Guide (1985)(Tandy)[PDF]
Topics: basic, program, print, string, returns, prints, numeric, file, gosub, tandy, keyboard character,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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The original preliminary user's manual that was shipped with the first 4000 TRS-80 Micro Computers in 1977.
Topics: TRS-80, Model I, Model I, User Manual, Preliminary
TRS-80 Manual: Model 3 BASIC Reference Card (1980)(Tandy)
Topics: print, returns, cursor, program, computes, cassette, character, string, lprint, error, ascii code,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by Tandy Corporation
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Technical reference manual for the Tandy 1000EX personal computer. Covers motherboard, power supply, keyboard, 8087, RS232, mouse, network interfaces and other devices. Includes part number lists, logic board layouts, timing diagrams and schematics.
Topics: tandy, tandy1000, radio shack
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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Information for Programmers and Technicians Cat. No. 26-3193 Custom manufactured in U.S.A. by Radio Shack - a division of Tandy Corporation Includes System Description, Memory Map, Disassembly/Assembly, Theory of Operation, Troubleshooting, Parts Lists, Printed Circuit Board, Schematic.
Topics: TRS-80 Color Computer -- Handbooks, manuals, etc., TRS-80 Color Computer -- Programming., Computer...
TRS-80 Manual: Visicalc III Pocket Reference (1981)(Personal Software Inc)
Topics: edit, entry, cursor, row, format, range, coordinate, column, visicalc, completes, edit cursor, edit...
TRS 80 Model III Disk System Owner's Manual
TRS-80 Manual: TRSDOS v2.1 Reference Manual (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: disk, trsdos, file, data, buffer, diskette, program, basic, record, command, trsdos command, basic...
TRS-80 Manual: Macro-80 Assembler (1979)(Microsoft)
Topics: assembler, macro, tha, error, software, manual, utility, file, listing, source, listing file,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: 13 Ghosts (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: ghost, ghosts, ienteri, diskette, tandy, software, shack, backup, trsdos, radio, radio shack, shack...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Tiny Pascal (1982)(Tandy)
Topics: pascal, tiny, radio, shack, model, program, source, iii, type, software, memory address, user...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)(DE)
Topics: und, dar, das, auf, dan, dia, von, die, auf die, nicht, und das, und die, auf dar, eof rba, auf...
TRS-80 Manual: CPM Model 4 (1984)(Montezuma Micro)[PDF]
Topics: disk, drive, montezuma, format, system, dup, undefined, micro, manual, config, micro standard,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by Tandy Corporation
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Service manual for the Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 Portable Computer Catalog numbers 26-3801 and 26-3802
Topics: tandy, trs-80, trs80, tandy 100, model 100, radio shack
TRS-80 Manual: MuMath and MuSimp (1980)(Soft Warehouse)
Topics: function, mumath, musimp, variable, integer, control, variables, functions, arithmetic, returns,...
TRS-80 Manual: Assembly Language Tutor 1st Edition (1983)(Tandy)[a]
Topics: program, byte, instruction, location, data, lesson, flag, memory, register pair, registers, memory...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: GDOS v2.4 (1984)(TCS Computer)
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Topics: die, und, das, mit, wird, des, den, auf, auf der, der diskette, dem bildschirm, innerhalb der, mit...
TRS-80 Manual: Time Trek (1978)(Joshua Lavinsky)
Topics: quadrant, trek, klingons, warp, photon, enter, press, phasers, klingon, destroy, impulse engines,...
TRS-80 Manual: Trakcess v3.0 (1981)(R Baker)
Topics: trakcess, track, density, sector, bytes, fdc, sectors, disk, command, tracks, destination disk,...
TRS-80 Manual: MC C-Language Compiler (1985)(Misosys)[PDF]
Topics: function, file, compiler, error, copyright, reserved, misosys, char, language, pointer, error...
TRS-80 Manual: MicroDOS Disk Operating System Systems Manual (1979)(Percom Data Company)
Topics: microdos, disk, data, program, drive, string, percom, diskette, error, sector, disk operating,...
TRS-80 Manual: Forming Inferences - Reading Comprehension C (1984)(Media Materials)
Topics: randall, inferences, diskette, reading, gwen, paragraphs, betty, skills, main idea, students,...
TRS-80 Manual: Editor Assembler (1978)(Tandy)
Topics: contents, reset, set, byte, opcode, res, instruction, memory, register pair, operands, assembled...
TRS-80 Manual: Z80 Instruction Set (19xx)(-)
Topics: contents, reset, object, instruction, mhz, condition, byte, memory, register pair, pair, assembled...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Micro Movie (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: movie, press, cursor, program, frames, arrow, micro, frame, key, enter, arrow key, control frames,...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.5 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: file, dos, diskette, disk, program, command, data, byte, eof, record, item file, library commands,...
TRS-80 Manual: Level III BASIC Instruction Manual (1979)(Microsoft Consumer Products)
Topics: iii, level, graphics, program, screen, basic, mode, array, string, statement, iii cassette,...
TRS-80 Manual: Sargon Chess (1978)(Hayden Book Company)
Topics: mov, jump, move, mvi, lda, jrz, cpi, lxi, color, board, call chartr, norm address, move list, move...
TRS-80 Manual: Alcor Pascal v2.0 Users Manual (1983)(Alcor Systems)
Topics: file, program, command, type, editor, variable, procedure, pascal, commands, cursor, code...
TRS-80 Manual: Engineering Math III (1981)(Tandy)
Topics: program, polynomial, displays, display, evaluate, computer, press, math, menu, cassette, approx...
Service manual for the TRS-80 PC-1 Pocket Computer and Cassette Interface. Catalog number 26-3501 (Pocket Computer) and 26-3503 (Cassette Interface).
Topics: TRS-80, PC-1, Radio Shack, service manuals
TRS-80 Manual: DeskMate v1.0 Reference Manual (1985)(Tandy)
Topics: press, marker, text, enter, deskmate, data, file, screen, current, display, voice dialing, current...
TRS-80 Manual: ALDS Assembly Language Development System v3.02 Manual (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: contents, reset, object, alds, program, instruction, memory, byte, register pair, address, order...
TRS-80 Manual: Editor Assembler Package (1979)(MS)
Topics: contents, reset, memory, set, instruction, location, opcode, byte, register pair, mhz, assembled...
TRS-80 Manual: Games Pack I for Level I (1978)(Tandy)
Topics: gos, vou, cls, goto, program, draw, rnd, ret, space taxi, vour, radio shack, press enter, landing...
TRS-80 Manual: Assembly Language Tutor 1st Edition (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: program, byte, instruction, memory, data, lesson, flag, location, register pair, registers, memory...
TRS-80 Manual: Compiler BASIC v2.4 (19xx)(Ryan McFarland-Tandy)[a]
Topics: basic, program, print, data, input, file, model, compiler, compiler basic, string, building data,...
TRS-80 Manual: MRAS Relocating Macro Assembler Development System (1985)(Misosys)
Topics: macro, assembler, relocatable, mras, copyright, module, misosys, file, equ, reserved, misosys...
TRS-80 Manual: Editor Assembler Plus (1979)(Microsoft)[Cassette]
Topics: macro, command, assembler, lines, code, source, editor, edit, memory, symbol, object code, editor...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat)[OCR]
Topics: file, dos, diskette, command, user, basic, program, byte, disk, model, main memory, fixed item,...
TRS-80 Manual: BASIC Compiler v5.35 Users Manual (1984)(Tandy)
Topics: program, compiler, basic, file, switch, source, error, runtime, switches, command, basic...
TRS-80 Manual: Dot Writer v4.0 (1984)(Prosoft)[a]
Topics: command, gou, dotwriter, file, text, writer, dot, print, font, printed, top title, standard print,...
TRS-80 Manual: Electrical Engineering I (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: enter, display, press, entry, impedance, computes, type, program, color, shft, cutoff frequency,...
TRS-80 Manual: Fortran-80 v3.2 Reference Manual (1979)(Tandy)[a]
Topics: statement, array, integer, format, manual, reference, statements, data, subprogram, logical,...
TRS-80 Manual: Chroma Basic (19xx)(-)
Topics: sprite, chroma, color, sprites, commands, command, array, basic, program, screen, integer array,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by Radio Shack
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Topics: TRS-80 Model 16, technical manuals, computer history, schematics
TRS-80 Manual: Microsoft Works Utility Disk for Model 600 (1986)(Tandy)
Topics: rom, file, image, debugging, microsoft, filename, utility, parameter, ram, tandy, generation file,...
TRS-80 Manual: Paddle Pinball (1981)(Eric Quintana-Tandy)
Topics: paddle, pinball, ienteri, shack, software, radio, hitting, press, score, tandy, software license,...
TRS-80 Manual: Microsoft Adventure (1979)(Microsoft)
Topics: adventure, microsoft, diskette, cave, disk, treasures, computer, program, consumer, game, microsoft...
TRS-80 Manual: LDOS v5.1 for Model I and III (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: file, command, disk, program, system, drive, device, ldos, files, jcl, ldos ready, record number,...
TRS-80 Manual: ZBasic 4th Edition with 3rd Edition Appendixes (1987)(Zedcor)
Topics: zbasic, print, program, appendix, statement, variables, error, string, function, file, disk error,...
TRS-80 Manual: IQ Builder (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: type, analogies, series, lessons, vocabulary, aptitude, lesson, cassette, shack, tests, test taker,...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 100 Basic Language Lab (1983)(Tandy)
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: program, print, data, statement, string, variable, experiment, goto, execute, input, file number,...
TRS-80 Manual: Montezuma Micro CPM 2.2 (19xx)(Montezuma Micro)
Topics: disk, drive, montezuma, format, revision, manual, undefined, micro, system, config, physical drive,...
TRS-80 Manual: TK!Solver v1.0 (1984)(Software Arts Inc)
Topics: command, sheet, variable, program, tkisolver, values, field, list, cursor, unit, rule sheet, global...
TRS-80 Manual: Xenix Operating Guide (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: file, command, files, directory, system, input, text, commands, syntax, output, editing buffer,...
TRS-80 Manual: BFBDEM Basic Faster and Better Demonstration v1.0 (1982)(IJG)
Topics: programs, usr, disk, detai, bfbdem, program, demonstration, demonstrates, overlay, operating,...
TRS-80 Manual: Le Script Word Processing Training Guide (1986)(Anitek Software Products)
Topics: lescript, text, cursor, disk, model, character, program, file, color, printer, lescript word,...
TRS-80 Manual: DCS Editor v2.0 (19xx)(DCS Software)
Topics: program, command, type, basic, cursor, lines, screen, editor, commands, moves, input lines, dcs...
TRS-80 Manual: DOSPLUS IV vA.4 (1983)(Micro-Systems Software)
Topics: disk, file, dosplus, system, operating, device, drive, command, manual, parameter, ffff ffff,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Multiplan (1982)(Microsoft)
Topics: multiplan, command, cell, column, worksheet, window, format, cells, copy, press, window split,...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 4 Quick Reference Guide (1984)(Tandy)
Topics: file, returns, error, program, device, data, print, disk, string, trsdos, data record, data byte,...
TRS 88 DT 100 Terminal Installation Notes
TRS-80 Manual: LDOS v5.1 (19xx)(Logical Systems Inc)
Topics: file, command, disk, program, system, jcl, device, ldos, files, drive, machine language, job...